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Q: Can I Just Sell You My Jewelry?

A: Yes. In some instances, you may decide to merely sell your jewelry outright. We can offer you a price to replace the stone(s) and another if you just merely want to sell your jewelry altogether. It’s your choice and we’ll offer you the best price you’ll find either way.

Q: I need my jewelry back quickly. Can you expedite my order?

A: Yes! Please let us know in the “Note” section in the form to the right. We will make every effort to rush your order. If anyone asks where your diamond is while we are replacing your stone, you can merely tell them that it is out being cleaned!

Q: Do you insure my diamond for shipping?

A: Yes! Each package is insured by Trade In My Diamond for up to $1,000. Additional insurance may be purchased by you at your US Post Office.

Q: How safe is it to ship my diamond in the mail?

A: We do all our shipping (you shipping your diamond to Trade In My Diamond and our returning your jewelry to you) with the US Postal Service. We have selected the US Postal Service as our primary shipping handler because of their secure shipping process and also because tampering with the US Postal Service is a federal offense. Your jewelry is delivered to a US Post Office Box at a US Postal Facility for additional security. Each package is insured by Trade In My Diamond for up to $1,000.

Q: What can I do if I am not satisfied with the replacement gemstone and/or amount I have been paid?

A: If you are unhappy with either your replacement setting or your payment, call or email us within 30 days of the date on the check to request your items be returned. Simply mail your jewelry back along with your check and we will replace your moissanite stone with your original diamond and mail it back to you, free of charge, no questions asked.

Q: How will I know when you’ve received my jewelry?

A: You can track the status 24×7 by using the tracking number supplied to you in your Diamond Trade In Packet.

Q: I sent my Diamond Trade In Packet today. When can I expect to receive payment?

A: You will need to account for the time it takes for your Packet to reach Trade In My Diamond, the appraisal process, and then the time taken to swap out your diamond for a moissanite stone. Once received, most Packets are processed the same day. Replacing your stone should then take 5 business days. Due to inconsistencies in mail times, it should take a total of 14-21 days for you to receive your check and jewelry from the time you mailed your Diamond Trade In Packet to Trade In My Diamond.

Q: I put in a request for a Diamond Trade In Packet. When can I expect to receive it?

A: Diamond Trade In Packets will go out the same day or the next business day, depending on when the request was put in. Delivery is determined by the speed of the US Postal Service. Packets are received in as little as three days, but generally within five business days. Your Diamond Trade In Packet will look like a generic, white bubble envelope with a return address of “TIMD” (as in “Trade In My Diamond”). Our packets looks this way so even your postal carrier won’t know you are trading your diamond in.

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