Diamond Carat Weight: What You Need to Know

If you have old jewelry pieces — whether it’s your great-grandmother’s necklaces or an old engagement ring — collecting dust in a jewelry box, you may benefit from trading in the diamonds. You could get a little extra cash in your pocket for family vacations, the newest tech products, or any emergencies.

Before trading in your diamond jewelry, make sure you understand what the appraiser will be looking at, especially in terms of the weight of the diamond. Here, we break down everything you need to know about diamond carat weight.

What Exactly Is Carat Weight?

The GIA created a set of universal standards to describe the quality of a diamond. These 4 C’s are color, clarity, cut, and carat weight (ct). A carat is a unit of weight for gems and is equal to ⅕ of a gram. Carats are described on a scale of 100 points. For example, a diamond that weighs 2.20 ct means it has two carats and 20 points.

How Is the Weight of a Diamond Measured?

Jewelers and pawnshop owners use electronic micro-balance scales to determine a diamond’s carat weight. Then, they record the carat weight rounded to the nearest hundredth of a carat (e.g., 2.55 instead of 2.55432) on the diamond grading report.

You must trust the professional calculating the carat weight of your diamond because even the slightest difference in the report of the weight can influence the price of the diamond. After all, a 0.50 ct diamond is very different from a 0.60 ct diamond (given that the clarity, cut, and color of the diamonds are the same). For this reason, you’ll want to have a professional who reports precise measurements.

How Does Diamond Carat Weight Affect Price?

As we mentioned, a diamond’s weight can have significant effects on the price of the diamond. Larger diamonds are rarer and, therefore, more valuable. You could trade in a one-carat diamond for substantially more money than you could with one smaller than that. 

Using a diamond weight price calculator, you could receive an estimate of the value of your diamond. In this way, you’ll have an idea of the amount of cash you could receive from trading in your diamond.

Is Diamond Carat Weight the Same as Total Carat Weight?

One important thing to note is that carat weight is different from total carat weight. Carat weight is used to describe the weight of a single diamond, while total carat weight (CTW) is the sum of all the weights of each diamond in a single piece of jewelry.

It’s helpful to note this difference in these terms so that you don’t feel misled when you’re having diamonds appraised. For example, if you were told a ring with a center stone and diamond accents was 2 CTW when you bought it, the individual diamonds will then be appraised for an amount that is less than two carats.

Appraise Your Diamond’s Worth Online

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