How Does a Diamond’s Shape Affect Its Value?

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When you chose your diamond ring or piece of jewelry, you were most likely attracted to the shape of the diamond. Now that you’re considering selling your jewelry, you may be wondering how the form will affect the price of the overall piece. Several factors determine a diamond’s value, and shape is one of them. Let’s look at how your diamond’s shape will influence the selling price.

What’s the Difference Between Diamond Shape and Cut?

Before understanding how the shape of a diamond affects the jewelry’s value, you first need to know the difference between shape and cut. While these terms sound like they are referring to the same thing, in actuality, they represent two distinct aspects of the diamond.

The shape of the diamond is its geometrical form, such as round or square, while the cut of the diamond is the facets of the gem that allow it to reflect light. If a diamond is not cut well, it will appear dull. Both the cut and shape of the diamond are used in the evaluation of the diamond’s value.

How Shape Affects Diamond Value

When determining the value of the diamond, the jeweler will consider the popularity of the diamond’s shape and how well it aligns with the ideal ratios for that shape.


Just as supply and demand affect the price of smartphones and vintage cars, so does the demand for specific diamond shapes determine the resale value of jewelry pieces. The more popular a diamond shape is, the more it will sell for. For example, a princess cut diamond will sell at a higher price than a pear-shaped diamond because people are more interested in princess diamonds than pear ones.

Alignment with Ideal Diamond Length-to-Width Ratios

As we mentioned earlier, the cut and shape of a diamond are different factors in evaluating a diamond’s price. However, the cut can affect the shape. If the diamond was cut poorly, the shape of the stone might be asymmetrical.

How would a jeweler determine if your diamond was not the ideal shape? The jeweler would measure the stone and compare it to the desirable length-to-width ratios for the specific diamond shape. The closer your diamond is to the ideal proportions, the more valuable it will be.

What Is the Most Expensive Diamond Shape?

Round diamonds are the most expensive diamond shape because they are in the highest demand and result in the most waste of rough diamonds. This classic shape has withstood the test of time because of its brilliance and versatility. Engagement rings, necklaces, and bracelets with round diamonds will continue to be in high demand as the years go on. If you’re in possession of a round diamond, you could have a valuable piece of jewelry on your hands.

Get Your Diamond Expertly Valuated

Determining the overall value of your diamond jewelry is a complex process best left to a trained expert. You can research how much your diamond costs online, but this will only give you an estimate.

A trusted appraiser from Trade in My Diamond can give you an accurate valuation of the diamond. You can also use our diamond trade-in value calculator if you’re wondering how much you can get from an old piece of jewelry. Get in touch with us today to get cash for your diamond.

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