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If you’re looking to sell a wedding or engagement ring after your divorce — or simply because you need some cash — we can help. At Trade In My Diamond, we make selling your engagement ring online simple, easy, and straightforward, providing you with the best prices on the market based on the quality of your engagement ring.  Additionally, we are the only place that you can go where you can sell your diamond and still keep your jewelry.

Sell Your Ring to a Jeweler Online

If you don’t want to part with your engagement ring but are in need of money, we provide a service to buy the diamond from your ring, replace it with a moissanite stone, and then send you back your original ring.  You get cash for your diamond, keep your jewelry, and nobody will ever know!

If you don’t want to part with your engagement ring but need some money fast, we provide a service to buy the jewel from your ring, replace it with a moissanite stone, and then send you back the original ring. Doing this is the perfect solution when you need some cash but don’t want to part with your entire engagement ring. Regardless of which option is best for you, the team at Trade In My Diamond is ready for when you want to sell your engagement ring online.

Cash for My Engagement Ring

“How can I get fast cash for my engagement ring?” is a question that a lot of people ask themselves at some point in their lives — and Trade In My Diamond can help. We’re ready to buy your engagement ring immediately and pride ourselves on our ability to offer one of the fastest online diamond appraisal services in the industry. Getting cash for your wedding ring online can be a complicated process, but working with Trade In My Diamond helps make it stress-free and gives you the best price available. In fact, we’re the best choice for when you’re looking to sell engagement rings online because only Trade In My Diamond gives you the option of selling your diamond yet keeping your jewelry.  All at no cost and no risk to you with our 30 day no-questions-asked guarantee.

Where to a Sell Wedding Ring After Divorce

If you’ve recently divorced and are looking to sell your wedding or engagement ring online, you’re in the right place. Trade In My Diamond is the number one option for selling unused or unwanted jewelry online. We offer the best prices that are accurate reflections of what your jewelry is worth. Trade In My Diamond is proud to provide this unique service to customers throughout the United States.

Contact us today for more information about our fast diamond appraisal or free diamond shipping services, then start turning your unwanted jewelry into cash!

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Received $12,200

As a lawyer, I was of course nervous about doing business with an internet vendor, but I took a chance and am so glad I did! From the very first communication, Jason (the CEO) was very professional and friendly. He honoured his word and I would definitely not hesitate to do business with this company again or to recommend others also. Oh, and I absolutely love the moissanite stone!

Anonymous in Calgary, Alberta

Received $2,700

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I wish I could tell my friends about your site, but then they would know I traded in my diamond!

Lisa A, Spencer in MA

Received $3,350

I was going to sell my diamond ring and then I heard about Trade In My Diamond. I was skeptical, but couldn’t believe how good the moissanite looked. An easy process as well.

Ellen M in Tempe, AZ

Received $2,400

My husband died and I really needed the money. I sent in my wedding ring to Trade In My Diamond and they gave me $2,400 and sent back my wedding ring with a new stone and none of my friends noticed anything! I’m thrilled!

Betty J, Allentown, PA

Received $1,100

I’m glad I found your website! I was just about to sell my engagement ring to a pawn shop. But this was a much better option.

Kathy L in Alpharetta, GA