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Selling Your Diamond Jewelry

Your diamond jewelry is the most valuable piece of jewelry you own – in some cases not just monetarily, but sentimentally as well. If you are looking into selling your diamond jewelry, we’re glad you visited our site. You now have two options. You sell your jewelry outright for cash, or you can get cash for your diamond AND keep your jewelry with Trade In My Diamond. We give you cash for your diamond and then swap out your diamond stone with an indistinguishable moissanite stone and reset that moissanite stone in your jewelry and return it to you. You get cash for your diamond and get to keep your jewelry at the same time. And we do this with a 30-day No Questions Asked Guarantee! If you are unhappy for any reason, simple return your check and jewelry to us within the 30 day window and we will replace the moissanite back with your original diamond, reset your jewelry, and return it to you. We even pay the postage! What could be simpler?

Sell your diamond – keep your jewelry

If you want to get cash for your diamond and still keep your jewelry, fill out the form to the right. We will promptly send you a Diamond Return Packet in the mail. The Packet is mailed to you in a non-descript, generic, white envelope for complete discretion. In it, you will find a jewelry box to place your jewelry, a welcome letter from our CEO, a brochure for you to fill out and sign, and a postage-paid return envelope for you to mail your jewelry to us. Rest assured, your return envelope is insured by Trade In My Diamond for up to $1,000. Additional insurance is available as well for even larger diamonds.

Diamond Rings

The vast majority of our business at Trade In My Diamond is done with folks interested in selling their diamonds to us from diamond ring settings. The diamond in a diamond ring is usually the single most valuable piece of jewelry our customers own. The diamond in the ring usually represents some 90% of the value of the entire ring. Our jewelry experts will examine your ring once we receive it and determine its condition to ensure we can properly swap out the diamond for an indistinguishable moissanite stone. In some instances, we can even increase the size of the stone upon your request. We can also strengthen the prongs in the setting to ensure a more stable fit.

Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings are the next most popular jewelry type we work with at Trade In My Diamond. Diamond earrings are generally either 1 carat or smaller each. They are also usually either round or princess cut. However, if you have an emerald, oval, radiant, or other shaped diamond, we can match it with a moissanite stone of the same shape and size – even if your diamond earrings are 5 carats each! And swapping out the diamond in diamond earrings is something our jewelry experts do every day.

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Diamond Necklace

The diamond necklaces that we see at Trade In My Diamond are generally diamond pendants. The diamond stones are usually no more than three in the necklace with each stone no more than a carat in size. Swapping out these diamonds for moissanite is a relatively easy process for our jewelry experts. We take careful time to ensure the settings are firm and stable because of the nature of necklaces and the movement on the body. Fitting your necklace with a good setting will ensure your moissanite does not become loose in the necklace.

Diamond Bracelet

Some of our customers have diamond bracelets that they wish to trade in for moissanite. The process for swapping out diamonds in a bracelet can vary. For example, with a diamond tennis bracelet, the process is quite labor-intensive due to the number of diamonds in the jewelry. It is important to take the necessary time to ensure a proper and stable setting. Other diamond bracelets, be it a combination of diamonds with other jewels or single stone settings, are reset with proper care and time.

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