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Received $12,200

“As a lawyer, I was of course nervous about doing business with an internet vendor, but I took a chance and am so glad I did! From the very first communication, Jason (the CEO) was very professional and friendly. He honoured his word and I would definitely not hesitate to do business with this company again or to recommend others also. Oh, and I absolutely love the moissanite stone!” – Anonymous, Calgary, Alberta

Received $1,100

“I’m glad I found your website! I was just about to sell my engagement ring to a pawn shop. But this was a much better option.” – Kathy L, Alpharetta, GA

Received $2,700

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I wish I could tell my friends about your site, but then they would know I traded in my diamond!” – Lisa A, Spencer, MA

Received $3,350

“I was going to sell my diamond ring and then I heard about Trade In My Diamond. I was skeptical, but couldn’t believe how good the moissanite looked. An easy process as well.” – Ellen M, Tempe, AZ

Received $400

“I traded in my diamond pendant an old boyfriend gave me. I’m still friends with him so I didn’t want him to know I sold the diamond. It looks great and I am $400 richer!” – Maya K, Parrish, FL

Received $1,300

“Thank you for such a smooth process. None of my friends have noticed a thing.” – Allison A, Hagerstown, MD

Received $1,600

“It seemed silly to have diamond earrings sitting in my jewelry box. I hardly ever wore them and even when I did, nobody could really see them. With Christmas coming up, Trade In My Diamond gave me $1,600 and replaced the diamonds with brilliant stones that look amazing! Even my husband doesn’t know!” – Jane T, Phoenix, AZ

Received $2,400

“My husband died and I really needed the money. I sent in my wedding ring to Trade In My Diamond and they gave me $2,400 and sent back my wedding ring with a new stone and none of my friends noticed anything! I’m thrilled!” – Betty J, Allentown, PA

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